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Top 5 Benefits of SOFIT Soya Drink In Your Diet

Benefits of SOFIT Soya Milk

SOFIT Soya Drink is a plant-based drink that is ideal for consumption for all age groups. It is naturally lactose-free, naturally gluten-free and is also devoid of preservatives. In fact, it contains a host of nutrients including plant protein, dietary fiber, vitamins A, E and B12, and calcium (except for the SOFIT Soya Drink Naturally Sugar Free).

With so many healthy properties for your diet, you must be wondering are its benefits only limited to the nutrition it provides? No. In fact, SOFIT Soya Drink is delicious and versatile since it is available in flavors including chocolate, vanilla and kesar pista. It is also available in a naturally sugar free variant for those who like to keep their sugar intake in check. You can also use it in your regular meals to jumpstart your day anytime, anywhere.

What Are The Benefits Of SOFIT Soya Drink In Your Diet? 

SOFIT Soya Drink Is A Source Of Protein

SOFIT Soya Drink contains plant protein which fills up your protein intake upto 11% of daily protein requirement through one serving (200ml) if you lead a vegan lifestyle. Protein is essential to maintain muscle and bone mass in the body. One serving of 200 ml of SOFIT Soya Drink is equivalent to one glass of 200 ml cow’s milk. Since it contains soybeans, you can be ensured of consuming one of the richest sources of protein available making it an absolute winner for your regular meals. 

Enriched with Calcium

Drinking Soya Almond Milk Unsweetened


SOFIT Soya Drink has an adequate amount of calcium. Calcium is essential for maintaining bone density and also reduces the risk of osteoporosis at a later stage. Alternatively, calcium helps in regulating the healthy functioning of the heart, muscles and nerves.


Naturally free of lactose and cholesterol

There are two types of cholesterol in the body - the good and the bad. LDL or low-density lipoprotein is bad cholesterol that can increase due to consistent consumption of food items like eggs, meat, and even dairy. Simultaneously, all dairy products might not be suitable for your body. If you intake a high amount of dairy, it is advisable to limit your consumption to abstain from the risk of weight issues, and cardiovascular diseases. SOFIT Soya Drink is naturally free from lactose and cholesterol. Including products like SOFIT soya drink in your daily diet which is low in cholesterol and saturated fatty acids will keep your LDL in check. SOFIT is also the perfect plant-based drink if you are lactose intolerant.

SOFIT Soya Drink contains dietary fibres

Apart from the presence of natural inherent dietary fibre from soybeans. SOFIT Soya Drink also contains added soluble dietary fibers from plant sources. Dietary fibres help in healthy digestion in the body. They also help reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, which in turn helps you lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. In fact, the more dietary fibres you consume, the better you are at a lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

It Can Be Used In Various Meal Preparations

How do you like your SOFIT Soya Drink? Hot or cold? Standalone or used in your favorite cereals, puddings, curries and more? There are innumerable ways to use SOFIT Soya Drink in your regular meals. Read on to know about the different ways of consuming SOFIT.With a mix of essential nutrients and delicious flavors, SOFIT Soya Drink is your perfect companion to help you Hit Refresh anytime during the day, and stay Fit and Fab with healthy energy. Try it today and enjoy this plant-based alternative over dairy-based milk.