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  • Suggested Garnishing.
  • Creative visualization.
  • The recipes shown are only suggested recipes. The recipes and methods of preparation reflect specifically on what has worked for the chef.
  • SOFIT to be taken as a part of daily balanced diet.
    HERSHEY’S Choco Almond Flavored SYRUP comes with added chocolate flavor.
  • 30% less added sugar as compared to the HERSHEY’S KISSES Milk Chocolate recipe in 2021. This contains Maltitol.
  • Suggested serving.
  • Images shown on the website are for reference purposes only.
  • With added Vit A, Vit D2, Vit E, Vit B1 and Vit B2, ^40% more calcium than cow's milk. Based on values as per ICMR 2010, *Zinc supports a healthy immune system. One serving of HERSHEY'S FLAVORED MILKSHAKE (180ml) provides you with at least 26% of RDA for zinc (value as per ICMR 2010, for an adult with moderate lifestyle). HERSHEY'S FLAVORED MILKSHAKE to be taken as a part of balanced diet & active lifestyle