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SOFIT, So Fab: 5 Reasons To Switch To A Plant-Based Diet

Pouring Plant-based smoothie in a glass

With veganism taking over the world gradually, you must be wondering how a vegan lifestyle is becoming the ideal choice for so many individuals. It might not eliminate threats brought down by various diseases, but an overall vegan lifestyle can surely minimise the risk of life-threatening ailments. A plant-based diet, as many people believe, can help your body in numerous ways.So what exactly can you consume? Beans, seeds, vegetables, fruits, nuts and even fruits. A plant-based diet requires you to fill ¾ of your plate with plant-based food items like these, leaving the remaining ¼ with a plant-based protein like soy or soy derivatives like tofu. Opting for this kind of a diet can significantly impact your lifestyle in a good way.

Is A Plant-Based Diet The Right Choice For Me?

You will never know unless you experiment with your food choices. You might not be able to switch to a plant-based diet in just one day, but can gradually incorporate certain foods to make the process easy. One quick way of doing so is by consuming plant-based SOFIT Soya Drink or Almond Drink as is, or by adding it to your favorite food items.Is SOFIT plant-based? The answer is yes. SOFIT Soya Drink and Almond Drink is vegan, naturally lactose-free, naturally gluten-free and ofcourse, preservative free. It gives you the healthy energy to do more during the day, keeping you Fit and Fab. The protein present in SOFIT can help satiate your hunger whether you’re craving a snack, looking for a post-workout refreshment or simply indulging as a part of a wholesome meal. It's delicious and loaded with nutrients making it the perfect choice for a plant-based lifestyle.

So why should you make the switch? Here’s 5 reasons that will make you indulge more often in a plant-based diet.


#1 These Diets Have A Rich Fiber Content

Studies indicate that fiber helps in lowering the cholesterol levels in your body. In fact, they also support your bowel movement, helping you easily digest the food you consume. Plant-based diets are rich in fiber, and hence great for your body. They are also known to support your immune system, keeping you at bay from chronic diseases. You can try SOFIT Soya Drink and Almond Drink since it is a source of dietary fiber, in addition to other essential nutrients.

#2 They Help Boost Your Immune System

Unlike animal protein, plants contain essential nutrients like antioxidants to keep your cells healthy. SOFIT Soya and Almond Drink is composed of plant protein, dietary fiber, vitamins A, E and B12, and calcium (except for the SOFIT Soya Drink Naturally Sugar Free and the SOFIT Almond Drink Unsweetened).

#3 They Help You Maintain A Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is the need of the hour in today’s day and age. In case you are over or underweight, you might be at risk of chronic diseases making the road to recovery difficult in case you are infected. Unhealthy weight leads to heart problems, diabetes, and also increases your risk of getting cancer. By switching to a plant-based diet, you can easily maintain your weight, coupled with daily exercises to stay fit, and keep your mind at peace.

Healthy food in a bowl

#4 They Give You Healthy Energy Throughout The Day

A good source of nutrition can keep you lively and push you to stay active throughout the day. Consuming plant-based drinks like the SOFIT Soya Drink and Almond Drink can not only refresh you, but also give you the healthy energy to do more. Indulge in your regular chores, or enjoy your favorite sporting activities with a plant-based diet.

#5 They Help Prevent Chronic Diseases

As long as you stick to a plant-based diet, your chances of having a chronic disease remains low. With new viruses being discovered time and again, it becomes essential to safeguard your body by eating right and staying fit. A plant-based diet can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.Need any more reasons to try a plant-based diet? Start slow and you’ll see how a plant-based diet makes all the difference to your body, mind and soul.