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Core Values

HERSHEY INDIA strives to build on the below-mentioned values every day.


DELIVER | Our Core Values | HERSHEY'S India



The idea is to seek solutions by putting our prototypes to test.
This method resolves our problems quickly and helps us learn more.
To do so, we proactively connect with our colleagues and resources when
seeking an answer. We always make sure that our decisions positively
impact our community and are acted upon sooner, rather than later.

COLLABORATE | Our Core Values | HERSHEY'S India



We believe in accomplishing together by building global partnerships.
Our approach towards collaboration includes the desire to learn from others,
value their opinions, and appreciate their skills and expertise. Irrespective of
having different perspectives, we listen to each other and voice our opinions.
Once a decision has been made, we commit ourselves to achieve the goal.

DEVELOP | Our Core Values | HERSHEY'S India



At HERSHEY’S, we encourage everyone to learn and keep growing.
We nurture an environment where everyone is allowed to experiment
with ideas, invite diverse perspectives, celebrate successes and share
learnings from our own mistakes. We also keep an open window of feedback
that will help us learn from others.

QUESTION | Our Core Values | HERSHEY'S India




We encourage everyone to question ideas, keeping in mind the processes,
problems, and opportunities. Everyone is welcomed to challenge or improve
the existing norms and conventions of the system. We take this thoughtful
approach to ponder around questions and seek inspiration from the world
around us. We then put the gathered data to a resourceful use.

INNOVATE | Our Core Values | HERSHEY'S India




We consistently urge everyone to suggest new and unconventional ideas and
approaches. At HERSHEY’S, one can show discontent towards an existing norm
and bring fresh perspectives to ask, “How can we change or innovate…”.
And thus, exchange new insights on how to open the door to new possibilities.

INSPIRE | Our Core Values | HERSHEY'S India




We thrive on our individual passions and also get inspired by others.
Our values include housing an atmosphere where people feel empowered
and encouraged to create a plethora of new possibilities. We also believe in
speaking with conviction and listen closely to our coworkers. This allows us
to pursue a clear vision for one and all.